The front cover of TMRRW™ Issue 01

Issue 01: Better is a direction, not a destination.

Welcome to the first ever issue of TMRRW™

Sir David Attenborough's words to world leaders at COP26 last month (more on that below) are a very fitting way to kick things off –

“If working apart, we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet. Surely working together, we are powerful enough to save it.”

We created TMRRW™ to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be part of the solution.

We're helping individuals find better choices when it comes to their personal daily consumption, and helping business or organisation leaders find ways to improve their environmental and social impact. And we're doing it all without the academic formalities, industry jargon or intangible theories.

The journey-to-better is just that, a journey. And we're on that journey too. We're not always going to get it right, but we'll always be open and together we'll get better and better. For now, welcome to TMRRW™ – we hope you enjoy the ride.

Nick Hoskin,


Small steps lead to big changes

Aiming for progress, not perfection, is the key to making a greater impact.

A portrait from A.BCH Circular Fashion Label
A.BCH Circular Fashion Label

If there’s one thing we saw at COP this year, it was a sense of progress over perfection. The final agreement didn’t go as far as many of us had hoped; that we’d insisted we needed to see. But an agreement between 197 countries is nonetheless progress. And it’s a pragmatic salutary tale. How many of us have abandoned an idea because it’s not as fully-formed and as we need it to be? How many don’t start because we can’t create the ‘perfect’ thing? Better is about reducing your negative social and environmental impacts as much as it’s about increasing the positive impact. Everything we do is an opportunity to choose better.

We speak to business leaders to get their insights into building ‘better’, including:

Andrew Davies, CEO at B Lab Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand
Courtney Holm, founder of circular fashion label A.BCH  
Dr. David Ireland, co-founder of carbon neutral energy supplier Radian

Read the full Re:port here

[Five Things]

Five things to help make your business better with Anna Ross of Kester Black

A portrait of Anna Ross, founder of Kester Black
Photo by Benjamin Hosking

Anna Ross is the founder of ethical beauty business Kester Black, a clean, ethical, forward-thinking beauty brand and B-Corp.

A former Telstra Australian Young Business Woman of the Year, InStyle magazine Woman of Style and Vogue Game Changer, Anna was a judge for our inaugural The Circle Awards AUS & NZ in 2021. Kester Black recently ran a Birchal crowdsourced equity funding campaign, which raised $1.3m (AUD) in the first 24hrs, and totalling of $2,167,013.20 (AUD) from 1,687 investors.

Anna shares the five things she recommends to any business looking to be better, based on her first-hand experience. Read them here

[My Journey]

My Journey with Prisca Ongonga-Daehn of Baresop

A portrait of Prisca Ongonga-Daehn, founder & CEO of baresop
Prisca Ongonga-Daehn, founder & CEO of baresop

Prisca Ongonga-Daehn is the founder & CEO at baresop. The body care company is revolutionising its industry by eliminating the need for single-use plastic packaging. “The average hand wash is 90% water,” she says. “We’re just shipping water and plastic around the world. It makes no sense.”

Prisca shares an insight into her journey of building a better business. Read her story here

[Better Businesses]

Some of our favourite local businesses, leading the way to a better future...

A photo of guests at cocktail bar & kitchen, RE–
RE- is a Cocktail Bar and Kitchen in Sydney, making drinks and food with surplus produce and byproducts that would usually be thrown in the bin. They've also just been awarded the Sustainable Bar Award 2021 in The World's 50 Best Bars (plus placed No. 46). Photo by Kitti Gould

A photo of replacement sunglasses lens from Sunglass Fix
Sunglass Fix are helping reduce the billions of sunglasses discarded around the world each year by making it easy to repair, rather than replace, your sunglass lenses (over 130,000 models available).
An illustration highlighting the features of SWOP reusable mailers
The Better Packaging Co. is on a mission to improve the state of the environment, one package at a time. It's revolutionised packaging by creating industry leading eco-friendly packaging, mailers, gloves and much more. Definitely check out their new SWOP, reusable mailers.


News & happenings you may have missed...

Pangaia believe the future of colour is bacteria and we're all for it.
The Harmonic is now live. A new Australian Circular fashion destination, featuring once-loved collections handpicked from cult labels committed to sustainable practices.
Flora & Fauna is making Christmas a bit brighter for kids and the planet by asking Aussies to donate pre-loved toys.
FatFace have got into the spirit of packaging that lives on with their new bags that can be turned into wrapping paper for presents.
The Ocean Impact Pitchfest 2021 winners have been announced and we can't wait to continue following their journeys.
Scientists have discovered how whales mastered the ability to create a circular, thriving ecological system.

[Community Board]

Keep up with what's going on locally

Upcoming Events

Circular Economy Victoria are doing some interesting ecosystem mapping with RMIT. If you have 15mins, they'd appreciate if you could help them by completing this survey.
Climate Salad are hosting an end of year celebration with Climate Tech Showcase 2021 on 9th December in Sydney. Find out more here.
EnergyLab are showcasing the six climate tech founders who took part in their first Climate Solutions Accelerator inc. Bloom Impact Investing, Carbon Asset Solutions, Circle Harvest, Harvest Thermal, Hygrid Energy and Infravision. More info here


Bunnings are looking for a Circular Economy Manager in Melbourne.
Who Gives a Crap are looking for A LOT of people to join them!
Giant Leap currently have over 120 roles posted on their job boards.

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